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The park is situated at southern part of Gondia district. It is located in eastern part of Maharashtra state and constitute area of 133.78 Sq.Km. It has greate importance from nature conservation point of view. It is indeed nature priceless assets and beckons one and all to enjoy its picturesque landscape, its pure and fresh air. It has got immense potentials from biodiversity conservation point of view. The national park has diverse type of vegetation ranging from dry mixed forest to moist forest. The vertibrate fauna of National park includes 209 species of birds, 9 species of reptiles and 26 species of mammals which includes Tiger, Panther, Jungle cat, Small India Civet, Palm Cavet, Wolf and Jackle. Interpretation centre, small museum and library facilities are available at park. Seven Watch cabins and five watch towers are located at park for wild life observation and photography.

Nawegaon Lake in Nawegaon National Park stretches over an area of 11 sq. km. According to legend, this lake was built in the eighteenth century by Kolu Patel Koli. At present, he is called by the name of Kolasur Deo and his statue can be found on one peak encircling the lake. Local people believe that these idols assisted Kolu in making the Nawegaon Lake

Nawegaon, 132 kms. (Nagpur-Bhandara-Sakoli-Nawegaon). Devalgaon- Nawegaon, 1 km. State Transport buses ply from Bhandara, Nagpur and Devalgaon to Nawegaon. 1St Oct - 31st Jan: 7 am to 6 pm 1St Feb - 15th Jun: 7 am to 7 pm June 16th Jun - 30th Sep : Closed

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